Fuel injectors


What are Fuel Injectors?

Fuel Injectors have an electro-mechanical valve that open and close to force atomised fuel to the engine. The electronic control unit (ECU) controls and optimises this flow. Fuel injectors are specific to your vehicle and specific to the type of fuel used.

How do I know if the Fuel Injectors are Faulty?

Fuel Injectors can fail when fuel is contaminated and can corrode from moisture found in the fuel. The performance of the vehicle is often affected and the engine can run 'rough'.

Should I consider re-manufactured Fuel Injectors?

Re-manufactured Fuel Injectors are second hand Fuel Injectors that have undergone a cleaning process, had their o-rings replaced and a new strainer installed. It is important to note that the inside of the Fuel Injector is not cleaned during this process - only the tip. Further, any corrosion on the inside of the Fuel Injector is not addressed. 

How can Cyberspace Auto Parts help you?

Cyberspace Auto Parts stocks all the leading brands of original OEM and aftermarket Fuel Injectors including Bosch, VDO, Denso and Delphi. All of our Fuel Injectors are of the highest quality and come with a 12 month warranty.


Please note: We strongly advise that Fuel Injectors be replaced entirely as sets. Combining new with old Fuel Injectors or replacing less than the entire set can cause damage to your vehicle.