Crank Angle Sensors

What is a Crank Angle Sensor?

Crank angle sensors are also known as crank sensors, crankshaft sensors and crank position sensors. Their function is to monitor the crankshaft's position or rotational speed. The engine management system (engine control unit - ECU) reads the information provided by the crank angle sensor to control the timing of the ignition and fuel injection systems. The crank angle sensor can also work in combination with the cam angle sensor to provide information on the combustion cycle.


How do I know if an Crank Angle Sensor is Faulty?

Crank angle sensors can be exposed to extreme heat or may become worn out. In such cases, failure of the crank angle sensor may cause problems with engine vibration, acceleration, misfiring, backfiring, and the engine idle. The crank angle sensors often causes problems with the engine starting when hot. It may start normally again once the engine has cooled.


How can Cyberspace Auto Parts help you?

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