Fuel Pressure Regulators


What is a Fuel Pressure Regulator?

A Fuel Pressure Regulator is a component of the fuel system. It's main purpose is to control and maintain pre-set fuel pressure of the fuel system for a specific engine. Specifically it maintains a constant pressure by taking into account the difference in pressure between the manifold and the fuel pressure. A spring inside the fuel pressure regulator has been pre-set by the manufacturer to maintain the desired fuel pressure. It does this under all engine load conditions. The way it functions differs between return fuel systems and returnless fuel systems.


How do I know if the Fuel Pressure Regulator is Faulty?

When the fuel pressure regulator becomes faulty a you may notice that the engine runs rough and the engine stalls. Other symptoms may include black smoke emissions from the exhaust, fuel emission from the exhaust and blackened spark plugs.


How can Cyberspace Auto Parts help you?

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